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Tue, Oct. 18th, 2005, 08:25 am
Technique: Lady of the Moon

PrimaelGen: Lady of the Moon

Prereq: dragon breathing
Keywords: dragon breathing, cultivation
Version: 2005-10-18


  • Do not do this unless you are serious about transformation
  • Do not do this until you can do dragon breathing fairly well
  • You will be channelling moon beams. People are called lunatics for a reason.
  • You will feel more feminine, you will act more feminine, and you will be treated more feminine. People expecting you to act like a male will think you've gone a little crazy.
  • Respect her, woo her, or suffer the consequences of a woman scorned.
  • Be very careful on new moons. PrimaelGen Project strongly urges not to do this exercise during the new moon, at least not when first starting.


The waxing and waning of the Moon has always been tied in with fertility. The Moon longs for the Earth, and she pulls the many waters in seasons of tides. These tides of the primordial ocean are felt in a woman's womb. The consequence of this meditation is far-reaching: the living, intelligent energy of the moon will live in you and she will guide you in your transformation. Scorn her, disrespect her, and suffer the consequences.


The best time to learn this is to do this near the night of the full moon, a full moon by preference. Pick the time when she is large and bright, bright enough to hurt your eyes.

Gaze into the moon and relax. Allow yourself to tune in to the moon, and allow the moon beams to fill yourself. Start the dragon breath, and allow the energy of the moon to enter through you in the Dragon Path. When the energy nears the perineum, pull Earth energy through the feet, allowing it to flow through the perineum, until it reaches your belly, in your womb. Hold your breath, like in dragon breathing, and allow the two energies to mix and merge. Exhale through your mouth and allow this mixed energy to dissapate outwards throughout your body. You know you are doing this right when you feel the Gravity of Love. The sensitive might feel the tidal force of the Moon as she orbits the Earth. You might feel this tidal wave moving through your womb, opening your body to that possibility. You might feel or obtain a crown or halo of moon beams around your head. Treat her as a intelligent, female, living energy in your body. You might find the image you use during regular dragon breathing change. Learning on the full moon is the best time to start. If you have found this document during new moon, PrimaelGen Project highly recommends that you take the next two weeks to practice Dragon Breathing until the night of the full moon. Home | Email primaelgen at yahoo.com | Leave a comment

Fri, Jul. 15th, 2005, 06:51 pm

This is in reply to:


The person who said that someone who has a lot to gain from being able to say outright that they are X, Y, or Z ... that is very true. ... a half an essay written about that ... As a preview ... while you can gain a lot from being able to clearly, with impeccability and integrity say, "I am a woman" or "Magic works", or "Magic doesn't work, hypnosis does" ... there's something more interesting when you are able to slip in *between* two paradoxical, contradictory social pressures. In the language of magic, it creates a sort of a rift. In the language of hypnosis, your verbal mind unable to comprehend the logical contradiction stops functioning and puts you immediately into a trance state.

In other words, it gets more interesting if you can hold both "magic works, hypnosis is merely magic" and "hypnosis works, and magic is a load of tripe" in your head at the same time.

Think with that.

PrimaelGen Project

Thu, Feb. 17th, 2005, 07:27 am
Dragon Breathing

Prereq: none
Keywords: dragon breathing, cultivation
Version: 2005-02-17


The Pump Method (http://www.geocities.com/ primaelgen/pump.htm) requires an extraordinary amount of personal power in order to spark the transformation. This is something that is not easily and casually achieved. Most traditions have some form of cultivating personal power. The one outlined here is the first phase of five phases called Dragon Breathing. This technique alone creates a healthier body and calms the emotions, worth the four weeks you would spend with it.

Ancient Chinese and Japanese cultures considered the dragon as a water spirit. Indeed, the Japanese word ryu means both school, stream of consciousness, and water dragon. The Chinese traditionally described the Emperor as the Dragon. In the West, the dragon myths has occupied a much feared and respected beast, mostly capturing pure maidens to be rescued by the knight-errant. All tribes of human culture have some sort of dragon myth; any child from around the world would be able to draw a dragon for you. That's a pretty universal archetype for a mythical creature. In fact, up until the mid 1800s, Western scientists have called the large, fossilized bones dragon bones. It wasn't until the mid 1800s that humanity started calling these bones as dinosaur fossils.

Along with the snake, the dragon has a reptilian nature, associated with what scientists call the " reptilian mind." This is part of the brain that concerns itself solely with survival. The region associated with the reptilian mind occupies the brain stem and the cerebellum, called the Jade Gate by the Taoists. This technique, when done over a four week period with sexual abstinence links the forebraine, through the amygdala, down the brain stem, the entire spine, and then to the energetic center of the body in the guts.

Dragon Breathing, the Basics

Like any technique, you need to relax. Learn how to relax in whatever position you are in. Relax the mind and any worries you might have. If you are on a time limit, set an alarm clock thirty minutes to an hour from now and then forget about any and all pressing things you need to do. There's no point in doing the Dragon Breathing if you're not willing to mentally let things go... and relax.

The technique uses a deep, abdominal breathing where your entire belly expands on the exhale and contracts on the inhale. Start by moving the belly out on the inhale and in on the exhale. Then add the sides of the belly so it expands with the front. Then do the same for the back, as if your intestines are wrapping around the spine. Then do this for the pelvic region -- expand out on the inhale. YOu are filling your entire belly like a balloon.

Once you can easily, and relaxedly breath from your belly like this, you are ready for the actual Dragon Breathing.

Inhale through the nostrils. Feel the air, it will pass up the bridge of the nose and in between the brow. At this point, you need to feel the energy of the air rather than the air itself. You do this by imagining the energy being extracted out from the point between the brow (called the third eye). By imagining, PrimaelGen means both seeing the energy, and feeling the energy.

Move this energy while you are inhaling (and your belly is expanding outwards) up along to the crown (the hollow indentation at the top of your head), down to the base of the skull (another hollow point where the skull meets the spine), down the spine, out the tailbone, to the pubic bone, to the navel and then in through the navel to the inside of your guts.

Hold it there for five seconds. You might feel more energy streaming into that part of your guts and expanding. Feel it heating up like a furnace.

Exhale the air through your mouth like you are breathing out that energy.


Once you become adept at this, on a cold day, you should be able to create a very long chain of water condensation like a dragon's breath.

Technical Details

You need to hit these points during the Dragon Breath, the totality forming what is called the Water Path:
  1. Breath in from nostrils (http://www.acuxo.com/meridianPictures.asp?point=GV28)
  2. Third Eye
  3. Crown (http://www.acuxo.com/meridianPictures.asp?point=GV20)
  4. Jade Pillow ( http://www.acuxo.com/meridianPictures.asp?point=BL9)
  5. Base of the neck (http://www.acuxo.com/meridianPictures.asp?point=GV14)
  6. Mid- back (http://www.acuxo.com/meridianPictures.asp?point=GV7)
  7. Gate of Destiny (http://www.acuxo.com/meridianPictures.asp?point=GV4)
  8. The last vertabrae that's directly attached to the tailbone (sacrum)
  9. The tip of the tailbone, as it curls into the anal orifice
  10. Huiyin (http://www.acuxo.com/meridianPictures.asp?point=CV1)
  11. Guanyuan (http://www.acuxo.com/meridianPictures.asp?point=CV4)
  12. Hold in the gut at or below the navel on the inside.


While you can do this as a nice, parlour trick, to get the full benefit you must do this daily (or twice daily) for a significant amount of time (30 mins or more per session) for four weeks straight. You must also not ejaculate during these four weeks. This includes both sex, masturbation and nocturnal emissions. This is not as hard as it sound, because done right, your body starts creating pleasant waves and orgasms throughout the day. Most people have sex to get those feelings, why go through all that trouble when it happens regularly during the cultivation?

More importantly, you might get headaches or dizziness initially as you concentrate on your third eye. You must draw that congestion down the Water Path with the energy you're pulling out of the air. This will usually clear very rapidly. It's nice to live with a clear head. The main point benefit coming from this cultivation is relaxing deeper into your body, to allow the survival and transfomative intelligence to take over. This lets you grow, and lets you grow calmer, at the same time being better able to handle joy. Joy is as difficult to maintain as depression. This is especially important if there's a big disparity between your body image and you. You might also find that your breathing and energy evolve during the cultivation -- don't fight it, it is probably this intelligence speaking through your body.


There might be a time when the imagry of having a female body (or whatever body) forms at around the third eye. Allow that to circulate, as it will start getting the body used to physical transformation. Don't force the visualization, however. It's more important to relax and let the energy flow through you naturally as you breath.

Home | Email primaelgen at yahoo.com

Sun, Dec. 26th, 2004, 03:44 am
Pump Method

PrimaelGen: Pump Method

URL: http://geocities.com/primaelgen/pump.htm
Prereq: Ability to go into trance, ability to feel energy
Keywords:qigong, jing, magick, pump, gender change, shrinkage

Version: 2004-12-26 (Merry Xmas)


In the Taoist and internal alchemy traditions, there are many method of converting the sexual essence (JING) into a refined energy that the adept can then circulate into her body, to revitalize the organ, and give off that radiant "glow". A human being spends a large portion of her "energy budget" in reproduction. This is the power of life, folks.

There are many TGs that are on the fence about total transformation. Some have realized that by castrating themselves, they gain greater control of their sexuality. These people often feel a sense of calm, rather than the violent roid-rage. In that sense, it is more "feminine". This is why the ancient internal alchemists have traditionally trained in taking control over their sexuality, so as to live harmonious... and a better, more fulfilling life. When was the last time you had a great time?

These techniques have been pulled from a variety of sources, one of the better known is Mantak Chia. This particular technique is intended to energetically castrate, perhaps even feminize the adept's testes. Shrinkage can occur. This represents a different view on the sparse techniques available on the net. Namely, we're going to use this technique to get healthier, and that also includes bringing the body congruent with your spirit, now doesn't it? To that end, this is not intended to make you unhealthy. Some sources have suggested that it is more difficult to change and transform your body if your body has more vital energy. That's a fallacy. It is often easier to change your body if your body is energetic and strong.

Jing, the Sexual Essence

In the terminology of the Chinese internal alchemy, "jing" is the sexual essence, from which is refined "chi" or energy. Chi is further refined into "shen", or transcendent spirit. This is a very high-level overview, and PrimaelGen is aware of the lack of detail. There's many nuances and raging debates across the internet if you care to research more in depth.

Suffice to say, the adept can feel her jing in her testes as a cold, sometimes "sticky" energy. Let the testes hang loose and you should be able to feel the temperature difference. Don't shy away because you are uncomfortable with your body (first is acceptance, then comes change). Move your eyes if you have to, but the point is to feel this relative cold.

Now, imagine the coldness moving. You might have to squeeze the PC muscle (the muscle you use to cut a stream of urine while you're in the middle of pissing) to facilitate this. PrimaelGen highly recommends trying this, even if you feel you are adept at moving energy with visual (eyes, third-eye) alone. Using this tactile method will greatly enhance your ability to move energy, and it is vital and basic to the Pump Method.

Work on squeezing the muscle. You can (and probably should) imagine those muscles as your vagina squeezing and pulling energy in ... from the testes and penis. If you feel a rush of energy, relax, and let it sink into your belly. That's usually a good place to store it, without getting heart attacks or going crazy. (You think I'm crazy? Go research it! These are called dantien, or dantian).

This alone will allow you to manage your sexuality and sexual response. If you feel your penis as grossly there during the mornings when you have an erection, you can use this pump method to rapidly pump the energy that is perking up, and inward. Just like an energy vagina, one that sucks it in. It helps if you imagine (with your eyes) the penis as an oversized clitoris, while you feel the energy of your over-sized clitoris. If you don't know what one looks like, PrimaelGen recommends you looking it up. You should be able to take control over your erection fairly quickly (matter of days, depending on your ability to concentrate and trance).

Now, some adepts will want to go even beyond that. Once pumped ... particularly during erections ... the energy will feel very expansive, sometimes very hot. And harsh. And masculine. This next section deals with mixing in more yin or feminine energy in a way to start the feminization process.

Feminizing the Testes

If you've done your homework, you would know that certain people have "testicular feminization" or "androgyn insensitivity syndrome". Among there, you should notice an enzyme called aromatase. This enzyme converts the testosterone in the testes into female hormones. It is the relative balance of testosterone-to-estrogen that tells the cells within your body to go more masculine, or more feminine. Energetically speaking, you can train your senses to perceive this difference, and cultivate them.

Steroid-using and non-steroid-using body builders know, one of the dangers of using steroids is the feminization. This causes gynecomastia, a condition which creates as much anxiety as your body creates in you. Both are about body images, no?

Apparently, there is a ritual within certain Native American traditions whereby a virile man would be aroused and made to ejaculate many, many times, then ride a horse all day. This is the same as for intensely-dedicated body builders. Building muscle and ejaculating creates a condition ... depending on how you come off of the testosterone cycle ... where estrogen begins to get pumped out like mad. The estrogen in turn inhibits the production of testostrone, creating a cycle whereby the body becomes more and more feminine. It apparently worked for these gender-changing shamans.

Hard physical exercise might be something you might consider along with the Pump. One possible side-effect is the stress on the heart. There are a few studies that show that men's heart are healthier with a certain amount of testosterone. PrimaelGen is not a doctor, so you'll have to ask one about it. Besides, we're here about magickal methods to do this.

One of the main techniques an internal alchemists (Alchemy, after all, is the Sacred Science of Change, the Union of Opposites. Surprised?) have is the fusion of the yin or feminine with the yang or masculine. This generally creates tremendous power for change, often skewing towards the androgynous.

There are two easily-found sources of the yin energy. Once found, you direct them to mix with the jing in the testes, to refine them in place. "Refinement" can mean many things. Often, the jing gets sticker, gets lighter, gets softer. Sounds familiar? So, let's get started on finding these sources.

From the Heart

The heart center is about two finger widths above the place where the ribs and breast bone joing together at your mid section. To find this, use your eyes (squeeze them slightly if you have to) to feel for a place that is cool and smooth. Relax and breath deeply into your belly. If you don't know how, there are many sources for this -- yoga pranayama, most forms of qigong, and various Western singing methods suffices.

Where you are looking is your point of attention. You can expand this "attention" and shape it into a sphere. Give it a try. Now, relax your attention while keeping it there... and you should feel this cool, yin, heart energy expand.

Let this flow down the front. The key is to lead this energy. You cannot pump it like you can pump the jing. It helps if you allow yourself to feel more feminine, to surrender, to gentle, to soften. Let it surrender to your masculine, aggressive feelings... like water yielding to earth. You will feel these masculine parts of you soften and transform. Guide this heart yin down to about your pubic bone, and let it seep into your testes and the jing.

Once the heart yin hits the jing, don't be surprised if this starts creating enourmous heat or vibrations. This is a meeting of opposites, after all. Keep allowing this flow to happen until you are at a comfortable masculine-to-feminine feeling. After all, not everyone wants to be uber-feminine.

Once you feel harmonious and congruent, start Pumping this newly refined jing, suck it up with your vagina and your clitoris. Again, visualize this refined jing instructing the cells of your body to turn more feminine. It should feel more feminine. This might be enough to kickstart that whole estrogen cycle PrimaelGen talked about earlier. Let it spread throughout your body, then store any access in your belly.

From the Crown and Third Eye

The Crown is located at the hollow at the top of your skull, and the front part of the third eye is located between your eyes, above them. You can pump energy into your crown from your spine by moving the jaw muscles. It will pull the scalp and tighten the spaces between the skull plates. You can activate the front part of your third eye by gently squeezing between your eyes, as if to furrow your brows. Eventually, you should be able to make little movements to move a lot of energy.

One source will be easier than the other. If you pull from the Crown, let it slide towards the front where it mixes with the third eye opening. Here, you will visualize your Female Body, in front of you. You might feel and see energy leaving you to feed this image in front of you. Put in all the virtues of being female, and what you want to look like. When you are done, visualize your Female Body turning into white mist, which you breath in through your third eye, and let it slide down your front, mixes with your Heart Yin energy, and then down into your testes. The two energy should feel very different. Allow them to mix. Feel and see your testes becoming feminine. Feel your oversized clitoris shrinking into a beautiful clitoris. Feel your vagina reforming to allow a vaginal dimple, and then an opening.

Once the two energies have thoroughly combined and feels well-mixed, pump this energy with your energy-vagina up your tailbone and up your spine. Remember that pump at the crown PrimaelGen was talking about? Use that to mix in with the Crown energy, and let it flow to the third-eye again.

You will eventually be able to connect this cycle. It will create an ever-feminine feeling, a cycle that feeds on itself and spread across your body. It is important that you maintain in a relaxed way! your image of your Female Body.


PrimaelGen would love to get feedback from people and help anyone who have questions. These are fairly experimental, and any feedback or experience will be incorporated into future versions of this text. PrimaelGen will also create a discussion area in the future. Check back here, from time to time. PrimaelGen | Original URL